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Strengthens skin immunity
Ideal for pets
Natural Ingredients
Free from harsh chemicals
Removes odor effectively

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How To Choose Your Probiotic Pet Solution

The combination of kombucha tea and essential oils is in itself very hydrating and antibacterial. Each Probiotic Pet Solution works to moisturize and deodorize, leaving our pet's skin and fur soft and freshly scented. Our Probiotic Pet Solution comes in FIVE scents. They are made with different essential oil blends. The essential oils we use all have properties to promote healthy skin and fur. For more serious skin conditions like severe irritation and rashes or severely dry skin, we recommend Charming Chester or Dashing Dewey as they promote skin healing and soothes inflammation. For any other skin types, normal to mild skin conditions, you can go for any of the five scents. Here's a guide on the type of scent for each: Charming Chester - sweet woody, Dashing Dewey - musky earthy, Pampered Peanut - fresh citrusy, Magnificent Mia - sweet floral, Adorable Annie - herbal calming.

About Us

We are a team of pet enthusiasts who believe in using natural skin care products to strengthen our pet's skin immunity for a healthier skin and fur coat. Because we also care for the well-being of your pets, we are passionate about sharing pet care knowledge and are driven to help pet owners maintain healthy pet skin and fur and solve pet's skin allergies and irritation.

Why Buy From Us?

We are the ONLY pet skin care brand that recognizes the wonders of kombucha tea on our pet's skin and fur coat and uses our home-brewed kombucha tea in our pet shampoo bars and conditioners. We ONLY use essential oils that have been diluted with the right ratios so that they are safe for pets and beneficial to their well-being. Our conditioners aka Probiotic Pet Solutions smell great and do great on their skin too! We do not ONLY claim that we are natural on our packaging but we walk the talk. Do read our ingredients on our labels. We have nothing to hide. We make our products with our own pets in mind and want to share them with all pets out there. We believe that pets can have quality skin care products just like us humans.